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Tree Bracing & Tree Cabling Experts-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Delray Beach

Delray Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team is a tree company that specializes in many services. Today, we will focus our attention on one of the services that we offer, that is, tree bracing & tree cabling. Just out of curiosity, why do you think that such methods will be helpful to you? Or, did you know that removing trees from your yard is not the only solution to trees that are having weak structures? The answers to these questions are what we are going to discuss throughout this post and how we can help in extending your trees’ life by providing the needed support.

Tree bracing and cabling is not for all trees that have weak structures, let us just make this known to you from the start. There are other factors that we will have to consider when we come to your property. Some tree species are not hardwood. We believe you know what this means when it comes to installing the steel cables to the trees to offer support.

Non-hardwood trees do not heal easily as they normally release a lot of fluids from any wound that is created on the stem. In cabling or bracing, holes are drilled through the stem of the tree, and then cables or rods are inserted through the holes as appropriate. The trees that we are talking about here cannot offer structural support to any other trees through this method. Another scenario is when the trees are badly damaged that installing cables will be of no use. Don’t feel disappointed if we confirm that removal is the only option for your situation.

Why would you consider cabling and bracing?

We said that this is the main topic of this post. So, we will spend considerable time talking about some of the reasons why you would consider it to save your trees.

There are these trees that are forming a V-shape with two main branches from one base stem. These trees are vulnerable to splitting and cracking even with the slightest change in weather conditions. To support such trees from splitting and finally breaking down, you may consider installing cables or rods to provide the needed support.

Old trees are generally weak, just as it happens to human beings. You may be having an aged tree but you still love to see it in your yard. Don’t let it bring you disaster. Instead, use our services to offer support to it.

Trees that have growth disorders as seen in trees that grow while leaning on one side. You can restore their structural integrity if you offer the support on time or before their stem becomes firm. This is not a new thing though as even our great-grandfathers use to support their trees that had such problems.

Tree species can also contribute to the defects that a tree has. There are known species that cannot support themselves when they get to a certain height and size. You may not know this but our arborists do. Just contact us for help.

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